Thank You for those who have been delighted with my achievements, for listening, for watching helping me learn, for sharing the hard times and for being there to support me, my projects and my goals.

(2004 - PRESENT)

          President M. A. Corzo

          •Aunt Janice

          •Aunt Deborah

          •Rachel Goldberg & Jerome

          •Aunt Ellen Uncle Ton & Tiera

          •Mr. and Mrs. Mc'Shea

          •Mr. & Mrs. O'Brien

          •Mom Mom Green

          •Richard & The Woodson’s

          •Aunt Debbie

          •Uncle Paul & Aunt Malanna

          •Aunt Judy, Uncle Jim & Garrett

          •Britt, Jessie & Ellis

          •Jeanie & the Penn Family

          •Mr. Joseph & family

          •Mom-Mom Smith

          •Terri Abney

          •Aunt Julie, Uncle Art & Family 

          •Lindsey, Kevin & Xavier

          •Aunt K & Saheed

          •Momma Earl & Family

          •Uncle Rocky & J3

          •Monique Oliver

          •Aunt Jerri and Aunt Jean

          •Mr. Khuns

          •Devon & The Jenkins’ Family

          •Mrs. & Mr. Darden & Family

          •Aunt Lola

          •The Smith Family

          •Uncle Roger & Aunt Patty

          •Mr. Bruns

          •Mr. Dehlinger  & Mr. Graham

          •Mr. Jones

          •Justin & the Smith's

          •Mr. and Ms. Jerry Barlow

          My Parents 


          Granmee, Granpee & Mom-Mom

          Uncle Eddie & Eddie

          Darell, Angie, Kendra, Jazz & Alia

          Charles & Adia

          Alex, the Bakers  & Buddy

          Uncle Charles & Aunt Tara

          John & Mike Serpentelli  

          The Hiway & Prince Theaters

          Dr. D. Jackson & Mr. Brown

          Mrs. Pearson & Mrs. Johnson

          Aunt Haliah -Mom in NC

          Uncle Ed & Aunt Lois

          Mr. Joe Volpe

          The Woodson Family

          Mr. & Mrs. Burke

          Momma Wesha & Nikki

          Rachel Goldberg & Jerome

          Uncle Rob



          USC Cinema Floor

          Marvel Comics

          Aunt Merle and the family

          Miss T. Oliver

          Aunt Chan Chan

          Lana C. & Donna

          Dr. Ben Carson


          Apple Computers

          Susan Thomas

          The Lawson Family

          The Crew of Calvin Colbert

          The Actor’s Studio

          •Marcus Anderson & Kristen Clark



          •Uncle Eddie & Aunt Lois

          •Uncle Bill & Aunt Barbara

          •Aunt Marie & Uncle Kevin/ Scott & Alex

          •Wiliam Emery III & Will IV

          •Aunt Helen 

          •Aunt Estell & Uncle Vernon

          •Vernon & Age

          •Aunt Karen Cotton

          •Zack & Caleb & Tonice

          •The Turner's & Commissioner Howard

          •The Du'Verney-Wilkins’ Family

          •Aunt Anice

          •The Presser Family

          •Sam Kim

          •Miranda S.

          •The Cohen Family

          •Mrs. Stout & Mrs. D.

          •Mr. Pepper

          •Mrs. Eckert

          •Mr. Osea

          •Mr. Poindexter

          •Barbara Elliott

          •Rasheed  (Comic-Con)

          •Scott & Alex

          •Brianna & Family

          •Mr. Swinton S. Scott

          •Mr. Seneca

          •Ms. Bivins

          •Mr. Ed at Apple 

          •Zoe & Family

          •Dr. Moon

          •Amanda C

          •Lise Raven

          •Geoff Molt

          •Dr. Fishman-Johnson

          •Mr. Fred Brost

          •Dr. Morehouse